Welcome to Wayan Arta Health Massage. Health healing massage is a deeper massage technique that channels positive energy to those experiencing health problems. Health healing massage has been done since I was 20 years old, healing massage is done in the Padangbai area. Apart from the techniques that are carried out from mastering the direct experience experienced by clients, they also have several course experiences in various fields related to health healing massage

Wayan Arta and Wayan Sri outside their home by the entrance to Padang Bai, where they serve clients, both single and couples. Both have reduced vision, so they have focused effort on other senses, touch. This makes them able to better feel your pain, and alleviate them through just the right amount of pressure. This is why their massage form is more healing than what you would normally find.

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Healing massage

healing massage is; a massage technique that relies on deeper pressure on the veins, the massage can feel the circulatory points that experience interference, the massage senses the urate and directly with auravtension and rubbing Read more…



Jl. Pelabuhan Padang Bai, Padangbai, Kec. Manggis, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80871


Whatsapp : 081238372520 Email : wayanarta221@gmail.com